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Ingredients: Sysco's Virtual Kitchen Food Show

Is your foodservice business feeling the impact of Food Inflation? Learn how to adapt and thrive despite food inflation on November 18th by tuning in to Sysco Canada's "Ingredients: Sysco's Virtual Kitchen Food Show". Featuring fresh and innovative culinary ideas, as well as effective restaurant operations solutions, our top vendor partners will help your business deal with the impact of rising costs. The food show will consist of three 1 hour segments airing live at 9am EST, 11am EST and 1pm EST. Each hour is unique and interactive – tune in LIVE to chat with our hosts and have your questions answered.

The SVK Network broadcasts on Sysco Canada's Facebook, IGTV, YouTube & LinkedIn Channels. No Registration, No Signups... Just Enjoy LIVE or watch On Demand, anytime.

Click Here to watch. 

October 2021

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