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Top 5 Perks of being a CF Member!

Over the last two weeks we've been sharing the "top 5 member perks" according to YOU our membership. You can check out the full posts over on our Instagram page! Summarized below as well. 

We are excited to share what our members say are the “top 5 perks” of being a part of the Culinary Federation! Kicking it off with good ol’ fashioned networking… featuring a testimonial from Skylar Sawers! We just love how being a member of the CF can take you on a whole new direction in your culinary journey.
Next up in our “top 5 perks” of being a CF member series, is competition! Our members have some amazing opportunities to compete on a local, national & international stage! 2 weeks ago history was made as two of Canada's Culinary Teams attended and competed at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg! We are so incredibly proud of how hard these teams worked. Their dedication to excellence and passion for culinary arts wowed everyone in attendance. A huge congratulations to each member of the teams that poured their heart and soul into their work. Junior Culinary Team Canada - received a gold medal in Edible Buffet. Received silver medal in Restaurant of Nations. Placing 5th overall. Community Catering Team Canada - received a gold medal and finished second overall. “Competition takes you out of your comfort kitchen and into the kitchen where anything is possible. You can learn so much about yourself, not just as a cook but as a person. My passion for our industry grows every time I compete. Challenge yourself, just do it! You won't regret it!" - Tina Tang, Community Catering Team Captain ???????? ????️????????‍????
Next up in our “top 5 perks” of being a CF member series, is education! Being a CF members gives you access to local workshops - butchery, social media tips, wine tasting, food photography - to name a few, national certification programs (such as the Chef de Cuisine Certification Program), and international certification programs (such as Worldchefs - World Association of Chefs Societies certifications). • "Getting my CCC gave me the confidence to bring my passion project to life as a full-scale business." - Chef Vince from Island Chef Pepper Co who recently received his CCC. • While in Luxembourg, Culinary Team Canada member Chef Long Yue received a learning judge certification as a judge in this year’s Expogast. Our members love how being a part of the CF means continuous opportunities to further their culinary knowledge!
Next up in our “top 5 perks” series is - discounts!! Everybody loves a discount right? ???? As a CF member you get access to discounts and group rates from our various partners! Mobility, apparel, online courses, health, home, auto insurance and more! We do our best to take care of our members and bring value where it matters.
Saving the best for last! The final perk in our “top 5” series - COMMUNITY! We like to call ourselves the Culinary Federation Family for good reason - we are so much more than a professional association. We are friendship, we are fun and we are family. We are on this culinary journey together - come find where you fit in! Join the Culinary Federation Family today! Information on membership and renewing for 2023 at the link in our bio. Wishing you and yours a very festive, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year!
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