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Honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day through Food & Culture

We are overwhelmed with the recent discovery of 215 children's remains at the Kamloops Residential School, one of 139 Residential schools that existed in Canada. 

The Culinary Federation will be calling our members to action to show our solidarity and support for the Indigenous Peoples of our membership and otherwise the week of June 21st.

Next week we will be honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day by inviting our membership, and any chefs, cooks or culinary partners across the country to join us as we prepare a simple traditional Fry Bread recipe (supplied below) that has been provided to us by one of our members. We invite you to make this recipe, share it with your family and friends and take intentional time to educate yourselves on what has been done, and what we can do to help going forward.

We invite you to donate to the Residential School Survivors Fund as well, here -

We would love to have you share your creations on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Please be sure to use the following tags as you participate, so we can reshare your posts, spreading awareness and creating change together.

#CulinaryFederation #IRSSS 

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