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The National Chicken Challenge



1st Place - $5000 cash + $5000 donation to a food bank of your choice

2nd Place - $2000 cash + $2000 donation to a food bank of your choice

3rd Place - $1000 cash + $1000 donation to a food bank of your choice

September is NATIONAL CHICKEN MONTH, and this year Chicken Farmers of Canada is challenging Canadian chefs of all cultural backgrounds to take "The Chicken Challenge"!This is a social media contest where chefs create and share a chicken dish reminiscent of their own cultural background, talk about who they are, where they're from, how their chicken dish holds a special place in their heart, and how chicken is an important part of their cultural heritage.


Throughout the month of September, chefs will create "chicken challenge"-specific content, including: who they are, where they (or their family) are from, choosing and demonstrating their recipe, and telling us why they love cooking with Canadian chicken. 

Chefs will then share their content on their own social media platforms, being sure to use the following tags:
@chickendotca on Instagram
@Canadianchicken on Facebook

To qualify, chefs MUST INCLUDE ALL 3 of the following hashtags in their entries:

At the end of September, winners will be chosen RANDOMLY from the pool of participants who posted their "Chicken Challenge" content using all three hashtags.

Winners MUST be active Culinary Federation members to qualify!

More info here: 

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